State and federal law require semi-annual testing of landfill wells for contamination. The St Clair County Landfill has 16 wells. Below are links to the testing results from the past year and the results of a PFAs test conducted in 2019. A map of the wells is provided below. The St Clair County Landfill is a Municipal Solid Waste or Type II landfill. 

Landfill Well Test Results

All monitoring is conducted by Golder & Associates or WSP/Golder (Golder was acquired by WSP a few years ago), and the analytical laboratory used for all analyses is Pace Analytical Services. 4th quarter 2023 was conducted on November 7-9 and the report is not yet available.  

Map of Landfill Wells

Kimball Township Recommended Well Testing

While we want to reassure the community that the likelihood of groundwater contamination is minimal, we believe that it is essential to take all necessary precautions. That is why we are recommending that water testing be conducted for all residents living within 1,000 feet of the landfill. Residents west of the landfill are even more unlikely to experience contamination from the landfill as the natural water flow is west to east. 

We understand that recent releases of landfill gas and other potential environmental concerns may have made some of our residents uneasy about their water as well. That is why we are taking every step possible to ensure the safety and well-being of our community. We want to provide concerned residents with a sense of certainty about the quality of their water. The wells located within the perimeter of the landfill have continued to show no signs of contamination, but we feel that more extensive testing is necessary to verify no contamination in local well water.

Parcel Map Within 1,000 Feet

Parcel List/Adresses Within 1,000 Feet

74-25-029-3001-0006748 SMITHS CREEK RD
74-25-031-3004-2007199 MAIN ST
74-25-031-3004-700176 BURNS RD
74-25-031-3004-800150 BURNS RD
74-25-031-3006-1007048 YAGER RD
74-25-031-3006-3007016 YAGER RD
74-25-029-3011-0006722 SMITHS CREEK RD
74-25-029-3011-2506680 SMITHS CREEK RD
74-25-029-4002-0006814 SMITHS CREEK RD
74-25-029-4004-1006928 SMITHS CREEK RD
74-25-032-1001-0006925 SMITHS CREEK RD
74-25-032-1001-100456 RICHMAN RD
74-25-032-1001-200448 RICHMAN RD
74-25-030-3004-0007060 SMITHS CREEK RD
74-25-032-1001-300422 RICHMAN RD
74-25-032-1002-0006851 SMITHS CREEK RD
74-25-032-1004-5006795 SMITHS CREEK RD
74-25-032-1005-0006763 SMITHS CREEK RD
74-25-032-1006-0006779 SMITHS CREEK RD
74-25-032-1007-000386 RICHMAN RD
74-25-032-2001-0006695 SMITHS CREEK RD
74-25-032-2001-2006639 SMITHS CREEK RD
74-25-032-2001-2256651 SMITHS CREEK RD
74-25-032-2001-2506729 SMITHS CREEK RD
74-25-032-3001-000125 STURDEVANT RD
74-25-032-3004-000125 STURDEVANT RD
74-25-032-3004-100128 STURDEVANT RD
74-25-640-0001-000405 RICHMAN RD
74-25-640-0002-000421 RICHMAN RD
74-25-640-0003-100455 RICHMAN RD
74-25-640-0004-000400 HENRY ST
74-25-640-0008-000340 HENRY ST
74-25-640-0009-000335 HENRY ST
74-25-640-0010-000349 HENRY ST
74-25-640-0011-000355 HENRY ST
74-25-640-0012-000365 HENRY ST
74-25-640-0013-000375 HENRY ST
74-25-640-0014-000401 HENRY ST
74-25-640-0015-000407 HENRY ST
74-25-640-0016-000395 HENRY ST
74-25-670-0001-0007011 MAIN ST
74-25-670-0002-0007037 MAIN ST
74-25-670-0003-0007051 MAIN ST
74-25-670-0004-0007067 MAIN ST
74-25-670-0005-0007077 MAIN ST
74-25-670-0006-0007190 MAIN ST
74-25-670-0007-0007109 MAIN ST VL
74-25-670-0008-0007119 MAIN ST
74-25-670-0009-000266 HENRY ST
74-25-670-0010-000254 HENRY ST
74-25-670-0011-000248 HENRY ST
74-25-670-0012-000244 HENRY ST
74-25-670-0014-000249 HENRY ST
74-25-670-0015-000257 HENRY ST
74-25-670-0016-000267 HENRY ST
74-25-670-0017-0007129 MAIN ST
74-25-670-0017-500279 HENRY ST
74-25-670-0019-0007139 MAIN ST
74-25-775-0008-0007152 MAIN ST

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