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Water Shut Off for Round-A-Bout

The Kimball Township Department of Public Works must move a water line for the St Clair County Road Commission round-a-bout project at Lapeer and Abbotsford. 

Only the following residents will be affected:

Bob White
Quail Woods
The Lakes

Water will be turned off on Thursday, September 1 beginning at 7:30am. Water should be restored around 12:00pm. 

A boil water alert is necessary. Water should be boiled starting on Thursday through at least Saturday for only those residents listed above. Updates will be posted on our website, social media (Facebook and Instagram), push notifications and WINS. Affected property owners will also receive a notice on their door. We must receive two consecutive clean water reports for the boil water to be lifted. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk’s Office at 810-987-9797.

CDC Boil Water Information

For more information on how to boil water during a boil water alert, and other guidance on this alert please click the link below to download a file provided by the Centers for Disease Control.

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