Utility Bill Basics

Kimball Township charges Kimball water and sanitary sewer customers to cover the cost of buying water from the City of Port Huron and fund ongoing maintenance and infrastructure improvements associated with the systems’ operation.

Quarterly utility bills consist of two types of charges for both water and sanitary sewer service:

  • A fixed rate that helps to stabilize the funding of the water and sewer systems.
  • A consumption rate that is charged on every unit of water (748 gallons) used by each customer.

Rates are reviewed annually to make sure they cover the costs to provide water and other system-related costs, including the cost to Kimball Township to purchase water from the City of Port Huron. Water purchase accounts for 43 percent of the total 2021 Water Fund expenses. 

In 2016, Kimball Township hired Michigan Rural Waters to do a water rate study. At the time it was determined that the Township should increase its water rates to insure proper funding for long term capital replacement of water and sewer infrastructure. 

Below is a rate of current charges.

Kimball Township Commodity Charge

Rates are per unit of water (100 Cubic Feet)


Kimball Township Readiness to Serve Charge

This is a fixed quarterly charge based on meter size. 

Meter SizeQuarterly Charge
5/8 inch$26.95
3/4 inch$31.88
1 inch$44.63
1 1/2 inch$108.38
2 inch$210.39
3 inch$261.39
6 inch$962.99
8 inch$1,504.55
10 inch$2,518.21

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