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SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

6:30 P.M.


ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS: Usakowski, Jackson, Wrubel, Sturdevant, Hoffman, Deland and Ward.





    Usakowski: Under # V., we are postponing that until October 5, and in its place we will be putting in Tetra Tech.


    Sturdevant motioned to approve the agenda as amended supported by Ward.

    Motion Carried.



    Wrubel motioned to approve the minutes as presented supported by Sturdevant.

    Motion Carried.



Check Register from 08/11/2021 – 09/15/2021

  1. Revenue & Expenditure Report for Period Ending 09/30/2021
  2. St. Clair County Township Supervisors Association

Deland: On page 11, questioned about the payroll for park attendants of $2,000.00. Isn’t one of the guys part-time?


Usakowski: No, both of them have been full-time all summer.


Deland: This time of year, don’t we start cutting their hours?


Usakowski: Yes they will be cutting back.


    Deland: Page 10, extra labor at Sutherland Park.


Usakowski: We had some extra help out there doing some painting.




Deland: Page 12, (page 6 of 8) HP Electric for $12,800.


Wrubel: That money was to replace the broken one and it was covered by our insurance.


    Usakowski: We have bills totaling $1,846,996.76.

Jackson motioned to receive and file and pay the bills totaling $1,846,996.76 supported by Ward.


ROLL CALL VOTE: YES: Jackson, Ward, Deland, Hoffman, Sturdevant, Wrubel and Usakowski. NO: None. ABSENT: None. (7-0-0) Motion Carried.


  2. St. Clair County Board of Public Works Minutes for 08/17/2021
  3. St. Clair County Board of County Road Comm. Minutes for 08/17/2021
  4. Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes for August 10, 2021

Deland motioned to receive and file boards and commissions supported by Sturdevant. Motion Carried.



    Usakowski: Ken Kinsley and John Barber are both here to talk to us regarding a way to relieve the Allen Road Lift Station. All of the sewer systems were put in

    20-40 years ago.


    John Barber: Discussed how all the pump stations work and where they all are located. There is limited capacity for increase growth and development.


    You have five pump stations running into a single man hole.


    There are two pumps of three continuously running four, eight and twelve hours.


    Flow restricted at Allen Road. 15 inch to 18 inch capacity, doesn’t have downstream capacity.


    There are no meters to advise amount of flow.


    No Master Plan to direct additional development. You don’t have the capacity for additional growth.


    How much do we need? Allen Road needs layer. There are no meters to tell how much flow to Allen Road.


    Nine pump stations to interceptor on Griswold Road.


    Next Step: We need to set up a flow monitor study and the right time to do that is in the spring.


    Jackson questioned about the line on Griswold Road.


    Barber explained that line is beyond capacity for the pump station. Larger pumps are needed.


    Sturdevant: Would a 12 inch force main handle all the volume coming out of the Allen Road Lift Station right now?

    Barber: My belief is yes.




  1. PUBLIC COMMENT (Brief Comments)







    1. Department Goals
      1. Clerk Wrubel + DPW
      2. Assessing
      3. Fire Department
      4. Building Inspector/Ordinance Enforcer

    Usakowski explained the request for Department Goals was done to help with the 2022-23 budget process to meet their goals.


    1. Parks Millage 2021

    Based on our population, we get a portion of the counties funds. We have to submit the request for those funds and we will get $45,616.00.


    Sturdevant motioned to submit the request for the funding supported by Ward.

    Motion Carried.


    1. SCC Road Comm. Local Road System Funding Assistance Program 2022

    Usakowski motioned to apply for the Local Road System Funding Assistance Program 2022 for Sparling Road from Taylor/Dunlap to Sunnyside Roads of $150,000.00 supported by Deland.


    ROLL CALL VOTE: YES: Usakowski, Deland, Ward, Hoffman and Jackson.

    NO: Sturdevant and Wrubel. ABSENT: None. (5-2-0) Motion Carried.


    1. Proposed Legislation Medical Marijuana Act

    Usakowski: This is informative for all of you. There were three bills introduce in the Michigan House last week. HB5300, HB5301 and HB5302. If you haven’t read through those, I would recommend that you do. This is a modification to the Medical Marijuana Act.


    1. Smith Creek Farm/Condominium

    Usakowski: This is informative also.


    Deland: Don’t Site Plans expire? There was one in 2002 to build a condominium and then in 2008 there was no action with the plan. Don’t they revert back to the original plan?


    Usakowski: I will check with our attorney.




A. Supervisor Usakowski

I will be meeting with James Freed on the 29th to go over the Afr property.


Tomorrow we will be doing a sign sweep. We have a few crews that will be going around removing signs from polls.


Last meeting we talked about a judgement on a fire. We received options from our attorney. Small claims court, write it off or put a lien on it.


We will bring this back to the next meeting.


Clerk Wrubel

Chief Gratz asked me to bring to you a gentleman who put in his application that lives at Joanne Court, Port Huron. He was a firefighter before and was gone for four years.


Usakowski: Is he willing to work shifts?


Deland motioned to give him a chance supported by Sturdevant.


ROLL CALL VOTE: YES: Deland, Sturdevant, Wrubel, Jackson, Usakowski, Hoffman and Ward. NO: None. ABSENT: None. (7-0-0) Motion Carried.


Our meter readers that we use are no longer able to be serviced. We need to update them because they are ten years old. They are 3.0 version and the new ones are up to a 5.6 version. This will give true readings into the Cloud system so Denise can get them right away. It will also identify miss reads and leak flags.


Sturdevant: Is this something we have in the Capital Outlay budget?


Wrubel: Yes.


Usakowski: Is this an application that goes on a phone or a tablet?


Wrubel: Correct.


Deland: Are they the only ones that provide it?


Wrubel: They are the only ones that provide the system that we already currently have. This would be just updating it.


Deland: With the $11,757.14 we would still have to pay the $2,900.00 every year.


Wrubel: Right.


Sturdevant motioned to approve the purchase of the new software for the meter reading at a cost of $11,757.14 supported by Jackson.


ROLL CALL VOTE: YES: Sturdevant, Jackson, Wrubel, Hoffman, Deland, Ward and Usakowski. NO: None. ABSENT: None. (7-0-0) Motion Carried.


The dump truck is still in the shop. The brakes went, the sensory unit went, the fuel pump went and the transmission is not doing so great.


The DPW crew is still working on the curb boxes.


  1. Treasurer Jackson

Summer taxes review of distribution: We get $45,795.11 which goes to administration fee to pay our assessors. $179.40 interest. Total: $4,621,893.04.


  1. Trustee Hoffman

    No report.


  1. Trustee Deland

Questioned about all the paperwork from Tri-Hospital. Is there a millage for the EMS?


Usakowski: There is not. They are completely funded by run charges.


  1. Trustee Sturdevant

Township office parking lot. I know that Bob used to have a company come in and seal the parking lot every other year or so. Can we get bids to have that done again?


Wrubel: I can get some bids for you.


Sturdevant: We are not sure if we are going to continue to do the fish fries. Some of the seniors don’t want to continue and we can’t get the younger people to help out. The breakfast, we are going to have one more so far and we are not sure if that will continue either.


  1. Trustee Ward

The shed at Sutherland Park got broken into between 2 and 4:00 in the afternoon. They didn’t take anything. It’s fixed now.



Deland motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 p.m. supported by Deland.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.


Submitted by Becky Wrubel, Clerk

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