Roads and Construction

All public roads in Kimball Township are under the jurisdiction of the St Clair County Road Commission (SCCRC). Funding for roads is provided through a variety of mechanisms. The Township pays for gravel that the Road Commission places on the gravel roads each year. The Township has financial responsibility for all local paved roads, except those that are county roads or state highways. 

The Township also receives match money from the County Board of Commissioners that is dedicated to the Township’s portion of road maintenance costs. The Township also pays for any ditching that the SCCRC may need to do to help maintain those roads. The Township does not tax our property owners for roads. However, the SCCRC does have a 0.25 mil levy on all property owners to help with road maintenance. This millage was voted on by tax payers.  


St Clair County Road Commission



2024 Road Projects

In 2024, approximately 31 miles of roads will be improved in Kimball Township. Below is a list of the roads receiving work. Once we have dates, this page will be updated with additional information. 


The township has a two year rotation on additional gravel for roads. In even years, we pay for gravel for all east and west travelling roads.

Primary Road Surface Preservation

  • Griswold Road 1/4 Mi E of Allen to Taylor HMA Mill/Fill
    Federal Funds $455,061
    Road Commission Funds $142,271
    Total Cost $ 597,332
  • Ravenswood Rd Overlay Range to Allen
    Township Funds: $130,000
    County Road Commission: $100,000
    Total Cost: $230,000

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