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Kimball Township is requesting submission of qualifications from any and all parties wishing to be considered for consulting services related to comprehensive planning and zoning activities, including but not limited to project review (special land use permits and site plan review). 



A review of the qualifications will be conducted by a team composed of key township staff and the chair of the Planning Commission. Evaluation of the required submittal materials will be the basis for selection. 

The township may elect to reject any and all proposals for any reason whatsoever. The prospective consultant is at risk for all costs associated with the proposal preparation process. Qualifications submitted shall be considered subject to Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act. Any proprietary processes or costs shall be properly marked in accordance with the Act. 



The Township of Kimball is governed under a general township form of government. The Township Supervisor is the Chief Administrative Officer. The Township Supervisor also prepares the Township Budget. The Township Board consists of seven seats including the Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer. The Treasurer and Clerk each have a deputy. 

The Township has a paid on call fire department, currently with 23-30 members. The fire department has a full-time chief, and a collection of fire department members that allow for one additional staff member at one of the fire halls 16 hours per day. The fire department also is contracted by Clyde Township, Wales Township and St Clair Township to provide services to portions of those townships. 

The Township provides water and sewer services to approximately one half of the Township. To provide ongoing maintenance and meter reading, the Township has a staff of 4 licensed DPW employees. The Township provides these services to a portion of Clyde Township and Port Huron Township. The Township has an Inter-local Government Agreement in place to allow the St Clair County Landfill to discharge leachaid into the Township’s sewer system.

The township will rely on its planning consultant to assist with the role of Planning & Zoning Administration. This assistance is provided directly to the Township Supervisor, the Planning & Zoning Coordinator, and the Planning Commission. 



General Scope of Work/Project Deliverables • 

  • Serves as the consulting professional to Kimball Township regarding any and all planning and zoning functions. Time commitment required from the consultant will vary based on development activity within the township and staff ability/availability to handle projects.  
  • Conducts application and plan reviews for projects submitted to the Kimball Township Planning Commission and/or Zoning Board of Appeals for action. This includes Planned Unit Developments (PUDs), Special Land Use (SLU) permits, and Site Plans, as required by the Kimball Township Zoning Ordinance. •
  • Attends Planning Commission meetings as needed to provide staff reports regarding: 
    • PUD plan review 
    • Special Land Use Permit/Site Plan Review 
    • Zoning Ordinance Amendments 
    • Other projects as assigned 
  • Answers questions from township staff related to planning/zoning matters 



  1. Cover Letter: The cover letter must indicate the composition of the entire team including the Principal in Charge, Project Manager, and support team. 
  2. Provide a list of current active municipal assignments, especially where providing similar comprehensive services, including the name, type of project, location, firm’s role in the project, and status of the project.
  3. Summary of firm’s background and focus. 
  4. Team Composition: provide names, titles, and qualifications of individuals who will be assigned to the township. This section of the response should include descriptions of the respective roles that will be played by team members. Discuss the experiences of team members on the example projects referred to above. A resume (no more than one page in length) should be included for key team members in an addendum to the response.
  5. Professional References: List a minimum of three (3) references for each firm. References for active municipal services like those requested from Kimball Township are preferred. For each reference list the contact’s name, address, phone number, and relationship to the firm.
  6. Statement of Philosophy and Project Understanding: Provide a concise statement (one page) outlining the philosophy of the team in approaching municipal planning and zoning, along with the team’s grasp of issues and goals to ensure fair and consistent application of zoning ordinances while also facilitating economic growth. 
  7. Provide a writing sample of a rezoning request and a report on a site plan.
  8. Draft of typical professional services agreement terms and conditions (inclusive of pricing information) 

Qualifications packages shall not exceed 20 pages. Resumes of professionals and draft agreements are excluded from the page count. 



The following factors will be used to evaluate consultants’ qualifications: 

  • Demonstration of technical approach/understanding of comprehensive planning and zoning services for a smaller, Michigan township such as Kimball.  
  • Demonstration of experience and knowledge in providing PUD plan review, Special Land Use review, and Site Plan Review in accordance with township zoning ordinances. 
  • Demonstration of experience and knowledge in presenting staff reports to various boards and commissions.
  • Demonstration of ability to involve partners and stakeholders in the planning process.
  • Demonstration of ability to provide excellent and timely customer service to both the township and those making applications to proposed developments within Kimball Township. 
  • The ability to attend Planning Commission meetings on the 4th Tuesday of each month as needed 
  • The outcome of reference checks; and 
  • Pricing of professional services. 



The township expects to select a consulting firm from the qualifications submitted but reserves the right to request substitutions of firms. The township also reserves the right to reject any or all responses to the RFQ, to advertise for new responses, or to accept any response deemed to be in the best interest of the township. A response to this RFQ should not be construed as a contract or an indication of a commitment of any kind on the part of the township, nor does it commit either to pay for costs incurred in the submission of a response to this request or for any cost incurred prior to the execution of a final contract. 

Upon selection, a contract shall be prepared and fully executed before work is initiated. The township reserves the right to dismiss any part or all of the contracted team when, in the township’s opinion, the services are not being provided in accordance with performance expectations. 



All statements of qualification and interest, and associated submittal materials, must be received no later than March 13, 2024, 4 PM Eastern Time to be considered. All responses must be clearly labeled – PLANNING & ZONING SERVICES RFQ. 



One copy of the proposal shall be delivered to: 

Kimball Township 
Attn: Township Clerk 
2160 Wadhams Rd
Kimball, MI 48074


The principal contact with Kimball Township will be Robert Usakowski, Township Supervisor Kimball Township 2160 Wadhams Rd, Kimball, MI 48074 (810)637-1537 [email protected]

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