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Kimball Township offers a multitude of recreational opportunities as part of its parks and recreation department. Opportunities include both public and private. Click on any of the points on the map for additional information.

Pavilion Rentals

Rent one of our three pavilions for birthday parties, family reunions, club meetings and most other special events. There are two pavilions at Sutherland Park and one pavilion at Smiths Creek Community Park.  See the calendar below for availability. 

Resident Pavillion Rental Fee: $25
Non Resident Rental Fee: $50

Kimball Township offers multiple recreational opportunities. The Township is home to two municipal parks, the Wadhams to Avoca Trail, two nature sanctuaries and a portion of the Port Huron State Game Area. These opportunities allow for biking, fishing, tennis, baseball, picnics and play areas.

Kimball Township Parks

Sutherland Park

Sutherland Park is the largest of Kimball Township’s municipal parks. It is located on 43 acres off of Allen Road just south of I-69. This location includes two pavilions available for rental by both residents and nonresidents. Residents can reserve a pavilion with a refundable deposit, non residents may reserve with a non-refundable deposit. Sutherland Park has other amenities including a restroom, little league fields, tennis courts, nature trail, horseshoe pits, bbq grills and picnic tables. The beauty of this park is the multi-acre pond where residents often fish and swim.

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Parks and Recreation - Sutherland Tennis Court
Smiths Creek Community Park

Smiths Creek Community Park can be found in the Smiths Creek area just south of Smiths Creek Road on Henry Street. This park also includes a pavilion available for rental by residents with a refundable deposit. This park includes a small play area for children and picnic tables. The Township rents a portable restroom during the summer months.

Kimball Township Nature Trail

The Township Office on Wadhams is home to the Kimball Township Nature Trail. The trail is about a quarter of a mile in length. There are benches throughout the trail for visitors to stop and view the nature. Geocachers may be able to find the three geocaches located within the trail.

County Parks and State Parks

Just over three miles of the Wadhams to Avoca Trail runs from Allen Road north of Griswold to Lapeer Rd west of Wadhams. This paved trail is excellent for biking, hiking and rollerblading. Visitors can park in one of two locations, Wadhams at a location donated by By-Lo and on Lapeer just west of Wadhams.

The Port Huron State Game Area is housed on 393 acres of property between Griswold and Lapeer west of Taylor-Dunlop. Parking is available on Ditty Road north of Griswold. The DNR office in this forest land can be found on Lapeer.

Other Parks

Elmer P and Irene Jasper Woods Memorial Nature Center

The Elmer P & Irene Jasper Woods Memorial Nature Sanctuary is a nature sanction owned by the Michigan Nature Association located at the end of Taylor-Dunlop just south of Griswold. This 49 acre preserve is home to one of only six locations in Michigan to find the endangered painted trillium. This cool southern forest has all the characteristics of a northern forest, including stands of hemlock trees and scattered white pines. Located across Taylor-Dunlop from this sanctuary is the St. Clair Wood Nature Sanctuary.

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St Clair Woods Nature Sanctuary

The St. Clair Woods Nature Sanctuary is owned by the Detroit Audubon Society. It is located on 175 acres of land just east of Jasper Woods Sanctuary. Inhabitants of this sanctuary include Barred Owls, Ovenbirds, and Red-headed Woodpeckers. It is also home to the painted trillium. A trial system allows visitors to get a look at some of the inhabitants of this sanctuary which includes wild turkeys and white tail deer.

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