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Notice of Assessment Being Mailed

The Township will be mailing your Notice of Assessment tomorrow if you are a Kimball Township property owner. This is an important document for you to review. Although it is not a tax bill, it affects the amount of property taxes you will pay. 

How do I read the Notice?

The assessment notice gives some important information. Items such as the true cash value of your property, State Equalized Value, and taxable value are all a part of this form. For a simple explanation, the State of Michigan has a pdf file you can review. 

How to Read Your Assessment Notice

What now?

After you review your notice of assessment, you may have questions, or you may feel that there is an error. If that is the case you can reach out to our assessing department for additional clarification. Options may include meeting with the assessor, appealing your assessment to the Board of Review, or just filing the document with other important papers. Please visit our assessing page for additional information:

Assessing Department

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