What is an MS4

An MS4 is a system of drainage (including roads, storm drains, pipes, and ditches, etc.) that is not a combined sewer or part of a sewage treatment plant. During wet weather, pollutants are transported through MS4s to local water bodies.

Permit Requirements

Municipalities with a municipal complex in an urbanized zone are required to possess an MS4 permit. The current urbanized area can be found on the map at the following link.

2020 Census Urbanized Zone

A complex is a series of 2 or more buildings. Michigans Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy has classified the fire station on Allen Road and the library across the street as a municipal complex. As such, Kimball Township is required to have an MS4 Permit for this complex.

Kimball Township Plan

Our MS4 program plan can be found here: Kimball Township MS4


To comment on our plan or report concerns, you can visit on MS4 comments page at the following link:

MS4 Comments

Northeastern Michigan Watershed Group

Kimball Township works collaboratively with the Northeastern Michigan Watershed Group for our Public Participation Plan (PPP), Public Education Plan (PEP) and Illicit Discharge Elimination Plan). Please visit The St Clair County Helath Department website for additional information on these plans:

Northeastern Michigan Watershed

24 Hour Water Quality Tipline

Report failing septic systems, report suspicious dumping, and find out current beach closures, 24-hours, remain anonymous, call (877) 504-SWIM or (810) 987-7253.

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