APRIL 02, 2024

  6:30 P.M.

Usakowski opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS:  Usakowski, Jackson, Wrubel, Hoffman, Deland, Ward and Nelson.


ABSENT:  None.


ALSO PRESENT:  Chief Gratz.



Usakowski:  Add under Old Business A.  Grant for Landfill.


Deland motioned to approve the agenda as amended supported by Ward.

Motion Carried.


II.            PRESENTATION OF MINUTES of MARCH 19, 2024

Jackson motioned to approve the minutes of March 19, 2024 as presented supported by Deland.  Motion Carried.



  1. Check Register from 03/14/2024 to 03/27/2024
  2. Revenue & Expenditure Report for Period Ending 03/31/2024
  3. Department Payroll Reports through 03/28/2024

Usakowski:  We have distributions totaling $250,817.84.


Wrubel motioned to disburse $250,817.84 to pay the bills and file supported by Jackson.


ROLL CALL VOTE:  YES:  Wrubel, Jackson, Hoffman, Usakowski, Deland, Ward and Nelson.  NO:  None.  ABSENT:  None.  (7-0-0) Motion Carried.



A.     Planning Commission Meeting Minutes for January 30, 2024

Jackson:  At the bottom of page 22, Tuttle’s name was there twice but it should be Howard.


Wrubel motioned to receive and file Boards and Commissions as amended supported by Deland.  Motion Carried.


V.           PUBLIC COMMENT (Brief Comments)

Ray Campbell, 299 Eileen Avenue:  Here to discuss the water and sewer funds.

Would like to review back to 2009.

Usakowski explained how the process works when it comes to installation of new water lines and how they are paid for.


Jackson:  First rate increase happened in 2008.



A.   Fire Department Request for Expenditure over $500

We are interested in buying 800 MHz Radios and our actual cost will be zero at the end.  The cost is just over $50,000.00 and with the agreement signed with regards to the ARPA money from the county, they will reimburse us as soon as we give them a receipt showing we paid for them.


Usakowski explained.


Deland motioned to approve the purchase of the radios for $50,856.84 and to sign the agreement with the county supported by Ward.


ROLL CALL VOTE:  YES:  Deland, Ward, Nelson, Wrubel, Hoffman, Jackson and Usakowski.  NO:  None.  ABSENT:  None.  (7-0-0) Motion Carried.


B.   Subrecipient Agreement Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery

Funds/American Rescue Plan Act


Jackson motioned to approve the agreement with the county so they can file their reports and reimburse us for the radios supported by Deland.


ROLL CALL VOTE:  YES:  Jackson, Deland, Ward, Wrubel, Nelson, Usakowski and Hoffman.  NO:  None.  ABSENT:  None.  (7-0-0) Motion Carried.



A.   Grant for Landfill

Usakowski introduced Anthony Theodorou and Mark who are here to give us updates on the Grant for County Leachate system off of our sewer system.


Anthony Theodorou and Mark explained the Allen Road Pump Station and how the landfill dumps 85,000 gallons per day that the landfill lagoon dumps into the township system.  We thought we would go with an Economic Development Grant which had a match to it.  The EPA came out with this Community Change Grant.  That is a zero match grant up to twenty million dollars.  Western Michigan University Grant Writing Team mentioned that the more collaborative entity of higher education the better.  We needed to have a non-profit partner.  St. Clair County Economic Development is a potential non-profit. 




Usakowski:  It has been an enlightening process and having some partners on it is great.  Having Western Michigan’s involvement has been very positive.


Theodorou:  Discussion regarding the grant process, including a written portion of the grant and then an interview portion. 


Usakowski mentioned that there are some legal steps that we have to take because Anthony is no longer at KLJ.  I did talk to them and questioned about our concerns of moving forward and what their expectation was.  We had an agreement with them at close to $50,000.  They’re not sure if they have the staff to continue on with project.  He was amicable and very willing to terminate the contract at what we paid out.  Benesch will then continue with the contract with the remaining funds.




Deland motioned to terminate the contract with KLJ supported by Nelson.


ROLL CALL VOTE:  YES:  Deland, Nelson, Usakowski, Hoffman, Jackson, Wrubel and Ward.  NO:  None.  ABSENT:  None.  (7-0-0) Motion Carried.


Jackson motioned to approve an agreement with Benesch not to exceed $29,586.15 supported by Wrubel.


ROLL CALL VOTE:  YES:  Jackson, Wrubel, Usakowski, Nelson, Ward, Deland and Hoffman.  NO:  None.  ABSENT:  None.  (7-0-0) Motion Carried.



A.   Little League Contract 2024

Usakowski explained that the Little League contract is our standard contract language per year which gives the Little League the right to use the fields and have priority to use them.  They have provided the insurance for that as well.


Deland:  The new building that was built, who insures that?


Ward:  The Little League will cover that.


Deland motioned to approve the Little League contract supported by Wrubel.


ROLL CALL VOTE:  YES:  Deland, Wrubel, Jackson, Hoffman, Nelson, Ward and Usakowski.  NO:  None.  ABSENT:  None.  (7-0-0) Motion Carried.


B.   Office Chairs

The chairs in the office are 17 years old and are due for replacement.  We brought some chairs into the office to test them out, and contacted three companies for bids with the same chair.  To replace 15 chairs, Kerr Albert was the cheapest at $7,131.45, Standard Office was $7,341.18, and Office Express was $8,533.00.


            Deland questioned about disposal of the old chairs.


            Usakowski:  We could have a sale for the old ones.


Usakowski motioned to approve the purchase of 15 office chairs from Kerr Albert at a cost of $7,131.45 along with corresponding proposed budget adjustment supported by Jackson.


ROLL CALL VOTE:  YES:  Usakowski, Jackson, Nelson, Hoffman, Deland, Wrubel and Ward.  NO:  None.  ABSENT:  None.  (7-0-0) Motion Carried.


C.   Playground Mulch

We got three bids for rubber mulch.  All quotes meet the required industry standards, and are all certified for playground use.  We did get three bids from Jelly Bean at a cost of $13,960, Playground Boss at $16,477 and Rubbercycle at $8,250.  Jelly Bean is not made from old tires.


Nelson motioned to approve the purchase of the rubber mulch from Jelly Bean at a cost of $13,960 supported by Deland.


ROLL CALL VOTE:  YES:  Nelson, Deland, Usakowski, Hoffman, Ward, Jackson and Wrubel.  NO:  None.  ABSENT:  None.  (7-0-0) Motion Carried.


D.   Property Taxes and Employees/Trustees

Usakowski addressed resident’s concern regarding appropriate property tax.  Went back five years and reviewed the property taxes to see if anyone

had a decrease in property tax and none of our employees or trustees did.  In instances where it appeared property taxes dropped; it was because they had paid off their special assessment.



No reports.






A.   Supervisor Usakowski

I passed out a summary of the Public Act 51 of 1951 regarding the funding of roads that will give you some idea. 


           Parks are open and we are going to start marking the areas for the new

playground equipment area.   DPW will be doing excavating for it.  It will be roped off for safety. 


Usakowski mentioned that we do have an investment policy in place and I will do a comparison of the two policies.


Ward:  Do you know when the construction will start so I can let our Little League families know?


Usakowski:  Estimated around April 22nd.




Usakowski:  The Road Commission had gotten back with me on 11th Street with an estimated cost of $180,000.00 to $190,000.00 for repairs.  Our next meeting will have a resolution for a public hearing on that project and the special assessment.


Usakowski:  We are meeting tomorrow with a company about document imaging to review options.


B.   Clerk Wrubel

I passed out a draft of your newsletter for review and it will go to the printers on Thursday.


We have sent out 1,000 AV Ballots and have gotten about 100 back already.


The date for the cleanup has been changed to May 18th due to the weather.  We will not be accepting tires this time.


C.   Treasurer Jackson

Proposed a contract for Wales Township today and we are going to set it at $25,165.86 for Mayer Road to Nolan Road.  They are still talking about expanding Wales Center Road.  If Wales Center Road is added, it will be $34,343.05.


Taxes balanced and we will receive $60,000.00 of them.


Review of Financials.


D.   Trustee Hoffman

            No report.


E.   Trustee Deland

Deland questioned about the gravel haul and the extra gravel.


Usakowski explained.


  1. Trustee Nelson

Will we be getting a report from the Board of Review?


Usakowski:  Yes, it will be included when it becomes available.


  1. Trustee Ward

We are talking with T-Mobile about getting internet out at the park so we can put up cameras on the concession stand, and we also got a quote from Blue Water Audio/Video for cameras.  We are still doing research on this.





Deland motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:39 p.m. supported by Ward.

Motion Carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:39 p.m.


Submitted by Becky Wrubel, Clerk




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