On the 16th of January, the Smiths Creek Landfill was issued its sixth violation notice by the Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) department. This recent notice, specifically dispatched by the Materials Management Division of EGLE, holds particular significance as it directly pertains to the operational standards and compliance requirements of the landfill. The Materials Management Division is notably responsible for overseeing and enforcing the licensing protocols for such facilities.

The crux of this violation centers around the issue of inadequate cover at the landfill. It has been observed that this problem predominantly manifests in the areas designated as closed cells within the landfill. These closed cells, being a critical component of the landfill’s structure, require meticulous management to ensure environmental safety and regulatory adherence. The insufficient cover in these areas raises concerns about potential environmental impacts and underscores the necessity for immediate corrective measures.

For a comprehensive understanding of the specific details and implications of this violation, it is recommended to review the full text of the violation notice issued by EGLE. This document provides an in-depth overview of the observed non-compliances, stipulated regulations, and expected standards for operation. By examining the violation notice, stakeholders and interested parties can gain valuable insights into the nature of the issues at Smiths Creek Landfill and the required steps for rectification. The document serves as an essential resource for understanding both the immediate and long-term impacts of this violation on the landfill’s operations and its compliance with environmental regulations.

Violation Notice

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