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Audit of Minimum Assessing Requirements (AMAR)

Each year the State of Michigan conducts audits of assessing records and practices throughout the state. In 2022, the state reviewed the practices of assessing departments in St Clair County, including Kimball Township. The audit reviews practices such as the calculation of land values, economic factors, property tax exemptions, Board of Review documentation, and CAMA data standards. 

Perfect Score

We are pleased to announce that our assessing department received a perfect score on the review. Congratulations to former assessor, Kelly Timm, current assessor, Shawn Biernat and assessing assistant, Mark Foster. Each of these members of our assessing department had a huge part in receiving this score. More importantly it shows that the practices used by the department are meeting the legal requirements of the State Tax Commission. 

Should you have questions about your property tax assessment please reach out to Shawn or Mark. They can be reached at 810-987-9797 ext. 128. You can also email Shawn at [email protected]

AMAR Review Letter

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