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JUNE 27, 2023

6:30 P.M.

Orr opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.


ROLL CALL OF MEMBERS: Orr, Barrett, Hoffman, Miller, Howard and Tuttle.


ABSENT: Henry.


ALSO PRESENT: Usakowski, Wrubel and Erickson.



    Barrett motioned to approve the agenda with an addition based on the minutes from the last meeting regarding 1868 Wadhams Road, Timber Meadows supported by Tuttle.

    Motion Carried.


  2. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: Public Hearing/Regular Meeting May 23, 2023

    Barrett motioned to approve the minutes from May 23, 2023, with a Request of disclosure that I was in the Notice circumference for the Timber Woods Special Exception. I would like the meeting minutes to reflect that. Supported by Hoffman. Motion Carried.


    1. PUBLIC HEARING Application for Request for Special Exception Use: 74-25-036-3004-000—25 S. Range Road—TELEGADAS. The applicant is requesting a Special Exception in a C-1 Zone for Assisted Living/Memory Care Facility.

      Barrett motioned to open the Public Hearing at 6:35 p.m. for the Special Exception Request from C-1 Zone for Assisted Living/Memory Care Facility at 25 S. Range Road supported by Tuttle. Motion Carried.


      Louis Telegadas, 59943 Ashford Drive, Shelby Township: Proposed to develop and operate an Assisted Living Facility at 25 S. Range Road, as a part of the Grace Senior Living Group. This would be our fifth development in Michigan. It will be on a 12 acre parcel and 68,000 square feet with four court yards, as a single story facility. Dan Brennan is the General Contractor who can answer any specific questions.


      ZBA approved a 35 feet variance for the front yard setback to address the wetland restrictions.


      Civil Engineer has reviewed water/sewer.


      Orr: Will you have a medical staff?


      Telegadas: We hire licensed nurses with a 40 hour work week, and supervisors to run the facilities. These are homes for the aged.


      Orr: Where do you stand with EGLE?


      Telegadas: Waiting on the final site approval.


      Orr: The wetlands will be moved back to allow for the project.


      Barrett: The original drawing shows that you have two ingress/egress off of Range, what you are sharing with us today, you are showing only one. Can you share with us which one you are going to use for the final site plan?


      Telegadas: It will be the one, as reflected in the drawing.


      Barrett: With the 130 foot with the building, will the portico be within the 130 feet?


      Telegadas: Yes.




      Barrett: Do you have an Open Space of 500 feet for every bed used?


      Telegadas: Yes.


      Howard: How long will this project take to finish?


      Brennan: No more than 19 months.


      Barrett motioned to close the Public Hearing for 25 S. Range Road at 7:03 p.m. supported by Howard. Motion Carried.


      Barrett motioned to approve the Special Exception Use on the following conditions; the approval of a Site Plan, five acres minimum lot area for such use be maintained, a performance bond equal to cover the cost of the improvement, open space at a minimum of 250 square feet of outdoor open space for every bed used or intended to be used, open space shall be landscaped and shall include places for walking and sitting, which can be addressed in the Site Plan, off-street parking, driveway except for uses or others shall not be counted as such space, it shall be constructed, maintained and operated in conformance with applicable State and Federal Law associated with Nursing Homes, Convalescent Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and/or Memory Care Facilities, the maximum percentage of the lot shall be no more than 25 percent covered exclusive of roads, right-of-ways, existing or planned in the future, and then participation in any future shared driveways with neighboring parcels in attempt to relieve traffic congestion on Range Road which is a major thoroughfare, supported by Tuttle.

      ROLL CALL VOTE: YES: Barrett, Tuttle, Orr, Hoffman, Miller and Howard.

      NO: None. ABSENT: Henry. (6-0-1) Motion Carried.


      Orr: Was there a location for dumpsters?


      Telegadas: There is a place in the back of the parcel.


    2. PRELIMINARY SITE PLAN REVIEW: 74-25-3006-610 – Wadhams/Horseshoe Drive – WOLGAST ACQUISITION

      Cole Standler with Wolgast Acquisition: Here to talk about preliminary site plan review.


      Orr: This is for the Family Dollar?


      Standler: No, for a Dollar Tree.


      Orr: You are looking to put the store north of Wendy’s and south of the ATM.


      Standler: Yes.


      Erickson: He wants to get a variance for parking from 37 and he needs 49.


      Barrett: You are going to the ZBA?


      Standler: Yes.


      Erickson: He cannot split property on Horseshoe because it was not registered. 10 year split not in effect.


      Barrett: Why Wadhams Road? Driveway is too close to Wendy’s. Is it possible sharing with Advia? What does the Road Commission have to say?


      Standler: The Road Commission gave me approval today for the driveway. His only concern is that we didn’t show the apron.


      Howard: What road will the entrance be on?


      Standler: Wadhams Road.


      Howard: Why can’t you enter off of Horseshoe?


      Standler: It’s not a main road.




      Barrett: The driveway has to be 60 feet away from another driveway.


      Orr questioned regarding a detention pond.




      Barrett motioned to receive and file the Preliminary Engineering Plan with concern of Wadhams Road entrance in regards to a maintenance agreement with detention pond supported by Tuttle. Motion Carried.


    1. SITE PLAN RENEWAL: 74-25-002-3005-010: 2600 Wadhams Rd. High Grade

      Chris Kushway of High Grade Material: Here for a Site Plan Renewal at 2600 Wadhams Road. We received fill from the Magna property to raise our property to elevate the wet issues. We also are working with the civil engineering to get the plans and drawings up to date.


      Howard: How far long are you?


      Kushway: Fill material is on site and we raised the elevation up by five feet and graded it.


      Barrett: Is there going to be an issue associated with the trail that is there? Are you going to be putting up a fence?


      Kushway: No.


      Barrett: What is the date are we using to start the project?


      Erickson: September 8, 2021.


      Carwyn: The Site Plan was approved on November 23, 2021.




      Barrett: Are you going to get your building permit within the next six months?


      Kushway: Yes.


      Barrett motioned to extend the approval of the Site Plan associated with 74-25-002-3005-010, 2600 Wadhams Road, High Grade to December 31, 2023 supported by Howard.


      Barrett: Are we going to revoke the other Wadhams Road Site?


      Carwyn: That was part of the contingency of the first Site Plan.


      Motion Carried.


    2. REVOLCATION OF SPECIAL EXCEPTION: 74-25-745-0014-500: Lapeer Road, Ainsworth (Multiple Use Complex Development)

      Barrett motioned to postpone it to the July 25, 2023 Kimball Township Planning Commission Meeting supported by Howard.


      Barrett: Can we please share that date with the property owner?


      Carwyn: Yes.


      Motion Carried.


    3. REQUEST FOR PLANNING ASSISTANCE – Guidelines and Requirements

      Usakowski explained that the board needs more information at to what guidelines and requirements you are looking for.


      Barrett: Do you want it in a motion, a resolution or an ordinance?




      Usakowski: I personally would rather see it into the Zoning Code.


      Orr: Questioned about the gentleman that is doing the project on Allen Road.


      Erickson: We have a Development Ordinance that he is following.


      Barrett: Is the Development Ordinance in the Zoning Code, or is that a general law ordinance of the township because I would like it on the record?


      Usakowski: I’m not sure.


      Barrett motioned to recess.




      Usakowski: We need guidelines that the office staff can provide to the developers.


      Barrett: Our specific request was for a multi-phase project in regards to assistance. And then we had the same request in regards to the corner.


      Usakowski: You have not supplied us with some guidelines or some instruction to follow. That’s all we want.


      Orr: We all need to work on the guidelines together and get it done.


      Barrett questioned about Timber Woods and what is the coverage percentage of what is being brought and whether it will be covering more than 30% or not of the proposed area.


      Erickson: The density has been totally changed from the last one you have seen. There is no triplex and no quadplex. They are all single family. With these changes, they would not need a Special Exception.



    Megan Bowen, 5750 Ravenswood: Request for clarification regarding Child Care

    Center has to have a Special Exception. The state says the only time that you have to do that is in group homes. I’m only having six children. This say I don’t need a Special Exception.


    Erickson: Zoning is Agriculture.


    Bowen: State says that the township cannot be more restrictive than the state





    Barrett: You are considered agriculture and not residential.


    Bowen: I don’t know why I have to do all this.


    Orr: But you are doing business out of your home. You don’t want to do a Site Plan

    for this?


    Shelly Gilbert: You have two different verbiages for this.


    Barrett: Need a Home Occupation Application. It’s a permitted use with the Home Occupation.    


    Gilbert: Then all she needs is a drawing of the driveway, the house, and hours of operations, whether she is going to have a sign, and employees.


    Barrett: Yes.


    Barrett motioned to see a Site Plan associated with 5750 Ravenswood Road, zoned agricultural, for a Family Care Facility which is a permitted use in such zoning district supported by Tuttle. Motion Carried.


    1. Bill Orr, Zoning Board of Appeals

      ZBA gave the variance for the setback for the Senior Assisted Living.


    2. Erik Hoffman, Kimball Township Board of Trustees

      No report.



Barrett motioned to adjourn the meeting
supported by Tuttle. Motion Carried.


Meeting adjourned.


Submitted by Bill Orr, Chairman.

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