Veterans Exemption

Veterans Exemptions

A property tax exemption is available for disabled veterans. Public Act 161, which went into effect November 12, 2013, applies to a homestead property of a disabled veteran who was discharged from the United States armed forces under honorable conditions.

Qualifying Criteria

The law defines “disabled veteran” as a person who meets one of the following criteria:

  • Determined by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to be permanently and totally disabled as a result of military service and entitled to veterans’ benefits at the 100 percent rate
  • Rated by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as individually unemployable
  • Certificate from the United States Veterans’ Administration (or its successors) certifying that the veteran has received pecuniary assistance due to disability for specially adapted housing

This exemption is also available to the surviving, unremarried spouse of a disabled veteran who was eligible for this exemption.


It is necessary to apply for this exemption annually with the Township’s Assessing Department. You may apply by submitting a completed Affidavit for Disabled Veterans Exemption Application (PDF) to the Assessing Department prior to the close of the Township’s Board of Review meeting. Exemptions may be granted at the March, July or December Board of Review.

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