Shawn Biernat

Phone: (810) 987-9797 Ext. 128
Email: [email protected]

Mark Foster
Assessing Assistant

Phone: (810) 987-9797 Ext. 118
email: [email protected]

Your Assessing Information

Your property assessment is available online for your convenience at no cost. Please click on the link below to obtain assessing information about your property:

Property Assessment Lookup

Michigan Taxpayer Guide

Contacting the Assessing Department

You may contact the assessing department with questions by phone, email, or stopping at the Township office. 

Phone: (810) 987-9797 ext. 128
Email: [email protected]

If no one is available at the time of your contact, someone will get back to you within two business days. 

Residents may also meet with the assessor by scheduling an appointment. 

Records Inspections

Assessing records are available at the Township office. Residents and property owners may inspect assessing records by visiting the Township office during n:ormal business hours Mon-Fri (8:30am – 4:30pm). You may also request copies of assessing records by completing information request:

Information Request

Appealing My Assessment

If you don’t agree with your assessment, it can be appealed. Each March the Board of Review meets to hear appeals from property owners. Property Owners may meet with the assessor prior to appealing their assessment by contacting the Township Office. The assessor may informally hear and possibly resolve any disputes prior to the Board of Review. 

Why is there property tax ?

Property tax is a mechanism for funding many local services including parks, roads, schools, police and fire protection. Property tax is intended to be fair way of sharing the costs of such services.  

What is State Equalized Value (SEV)?

The State Equalized Value is one half (1/2) of the true cash value of the property. True cash value is determined by the market. The assessor completes a 24 month sales study to aide in determining that value. 

How much can my taxes increase each year?

Your true cash value will increase by market conditions. Proposal A caps the amount your taxes may increase. The taxable value of your property may only increase by the Consumers Price Index or 5% whichever is less. The State of Michigan yearly publishes this amount as the Inflation Rate Multiplier. Additions and other improvements to your property may result in increase more than the CPI. 

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