Garage Sales

Spring and summer usually bring about the traditional neighborhood garage sale. Garage sales are an excellent method of getting rid of items you are not using, but that others will find useful. 

Do I need a Permit to have a garage sale?

A permit is not required to have a garage sale in Kimball Township. We want you to have the freedom to conduct your sale. However, there are guidelines that must be followed related to your sale. Those items are in Kimball Township Ordinance #173. 

Ordinance Requirements

Below is a list of requirements for your sale. You will not need to inform us of your sale, just follow the requirements. 

  1. Your sale cannot last longer than 3 consecutive days. Most people choose Friday – Sunday.
  2. Signs must be removed within 24 hours of the end of your sale. They cannot be posted on public property or utility poles. They cannot be larger than 6 square feet.
  3. The sale can operate between 7am – 7pm.


Additional Garage Sale Information

We hope your sale is successful!

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