Two Important Forms

Documented records are essential to help resolve issues, especially when it comes to community concerns. If you’re experiencing unpleasant odors from the landfill, it’s crucial to document your experiences. To assist with this, Kimball Township started a survey on October 4th to collect complaints from the community. This survey serves two purposes: first, it allows the township to gauge the effectiveness of any corrective measures taken by the landfill to address complaints. Secondly, it provides valid documentation that can be used to escalate concerns if necessary.

Please note that anyone can complete the complaint form, regardless of whether you’re a Kimball Township resident or not. Neighbors from all surrounding communities are welcome to contribute. Additionally, EGLE offers a complaint form that you can fill out on their website anytime you experience unpleasant landfill odors.

We have provided links to both the Kimball Township survey and the EGLE complaint form below, so you can easily access them and continue to provide important information.

Links to the Complaint Forms

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