This committee is one of four committees established as a result of the strategic planning process. The committee is focused on the following areas developed in a series of board and public workshops:

  • Downtown Development Authority
  • Supporting Infrastructure
  • Agricultural Development
  • Zoning and Development Locations
  • Business Development and Redevelopment
  • Marketing Plan for Kimball Township

The committee is co-chaired by Supervisor Usakowski and Trustee Wrubel

Below is the action plan and progress on each of the items in the strategic plan.


Economic DevelopmentTarget Completion Date Start DateAssigned ToPlan SubmittedPlan ApprovedCost% Completed to Target
Streamline the permit, requirement and license process
●     Develop development guide bookJun-14 Dec-13 Usakowski 30%
●     Have planning commission and building department review guidebookJul-14 Dec-13 PC 30%
●     Make information available onlineApr-15
●     Look at Planned Unit developmentJan-15 Jan-14 PC 10%
Continue planning meetings with more stakeholdersOngoing June-13 Usakowski 100%
Create a list of available properties within the township and utility services provided at those locations.
●     Meet with EDA to determine what information is best to haveJun-14
●     Meet with local real estate professionals regarding projectAug-14
●     Get information online.Oct-14
Partner with the EDA and Blue Water Chamber to foster a local Economic Development PlanOngoing Jan-14 Usakowski – – $9,500 100%
Create a Downtown Development Authority14-Jun Jan-14 Usakowski 25%
Zoning and Locations14-Jun June-13 PC $5,000 80%
Farmer’s Market14-Aug
Infrastructure2016x Apr-14 Usakowski 10%
Business Development and Redevelopment2015

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