Why a Boil Alert?

The Township has a responsibility to do its part in keeping our water system running and your water safe to drink.  On occasion water mains may break. When a main breaks, you may lose water pressure and in some cases may lose water all together. Depending on the size and location of the break it can take several hours to repair. 

The goal is to minimize the size of the break and the length of time to repair it. By doing so, we reduce the risk of contaminates getting into the water system. Unfortunately, that is not always possible and hence the boil water.

What Now?

So you’ve been notified that there is a boil water alert. Now what? How long will it be? How will I be notified that the alert is over? How do I boil my water? 

Lets start with what happens now. Our DPW staff will take samples of the water every 24 hours. We must have 2 consecutive tests come back with a clean result. Once 2 consecutive results come back clean the boil water will be lifted. A boil water is generally going to last a minimum of 48 hours. 

How will I be notifed?

The Township communicates with resident and property owners about breaks via several methods. Here are a few:

  1. The Township website. This will be on the front page and in Public Notices. 
  2. The Township Facebook Page
  3. The Township Twitter Account
  4. WPHM 1380 Radio and Radio First
  5. The Times Herald
  6. WINS – Anyone signed up for alerts will receive one. 
  7. Push Notifications – This is done through our website if you signed up for the notifications.
  8. Door to Door – this occurs with most breaks. The exception is a break that is system wide. 

Since we can only test once every 24 hours, we will only update once per day. Between testings there is no additional information we can provide. 

CDC Information on Boil Water

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