We acknowledge the St Clair County Board of Commissioners for taking action in relation to the St Clair County Landfill concerns. Their dedication and efforts have ensured that all commissioners were involved in the process of conducting research, participating in phone calls, and several meetings to bring about a partial resolution. Among the remarkable commissioners was Commissioner Simasko, who played a pivotal role in advancing feasible solutions that were presented before the board. During the meeting, Commissioner Simasko presented five action points that were pivotal in addressing the landfill issue, and it is with great pleasure that we announce that all five action points were overwhelmingly approved by the board. We commend the St Clair County Board of Commissioners and Commissioner Simasko for their exceptional leadership skills and outstanding commitment to the welfare of the community. Below we describe actions taken by the board.

Commissioner Simasko Recommendations

  • Canadian Trash Moritorium
    Canadian trash has been brought into the landfill the past several years. The market for Canadian trash is difficult and the County signed reduced rate contracts with 4 Canadian haulers. The board placed a moritorium on bringing in Canadian trash. 3 of the haulers have expired contracts and will end hauling to the landfill almost immediately. The 4th hauler has a contract through the beginning of the year at which time they will cease bringing in trash.

  • Septage Moritorium
    Septage is added to the landfill to speed the break down processes in the landfill, and generate more gas for the Septage bioreactor. The landfill and EGLE have an agreement currently to not bring in Septage. This moritorium will continue the ban on Septage. 

  • Air Quality Monitoring
    Air quality monitoring has been one of the township’s main concerns, outside of the odors. The county is working on obtaining equipment to monito air quality both in and out of the landfill. The commissioners will continue to advocate with legislators to encourage EGLE to fulfill its commitment of air quality monitoring as well. 

  • Water Testing
    The county is working on obtaining data from state testing. This was performed in the area recently. After obtaining that data, the county will take steps to ensure the safety and testing of water in the area. 

  • Ground Cover
    There were some areas of the landfill that lacked the necessary cover. The county is working with the landfill to make the cover complete.

CTI Contract Renewal

CTI provides engineering services to the landfill. Their contract expires 12/31/23. As part of the agenda the contract was up for renewal. 

The contract was a three year renewal. A couple of commissioners expressed concern about the length of the contract if there was some sort of fault with what has transpired at the landfill. County Administrator Hepting explained that the contract has an out clause. The out clause allows the county to simply give a 30 day notice to get out of the contract. With the availability of the out clause, the amendment to the contract was approved. 

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