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AUGUST 01, 2023

6:30 P.M.

Usakowski opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS: Usakowski, Jackson, Wrubel, Hoffman, Deland, Ward and Nelson.





    Wrubel: Add under VII New Business, D. Wills Main Labor. George: Add under New Business E. Delinquent Fire Bills.


    Wrubel motioned to approve the agenda as amended supported by Deland.

    Motion Carried.



    Nelson: Page 5, “they got the approval to move forward” is not exactly what I said. I was saying that “they were back in as far as discussion due to being able to share the detention pond.”


    Also “We need to get the docks fixed now” is not exactly what was discussed. What I said was “why don’t we focus on the docks because it is something we can address now and then address the other things later when we can?”


    Deland: Page 4 where Wrubel mentioned about the library roof needs to be repaired. Cal said the he could fix it and he will fix the Smiths Creek Hall also. It should also say that Wrubel said it will cost under $500.


    Wrubel motioned to approve the minutes for July 18, 2023 as amended supported by Nelson. Motion Carried.



  1. Check Register from 07/13/2023 to 07/26/2023
  2. Revenue & Expenditure Report for Period Ending 07/31/2023
  3. Department Payroll Reports through 07/28/2023

Usakowski: We have disbursements totaling $531,534.48.


Wrubel motioned to approve disbursements of $531,534.48 to pay the bills supported by Ward.


ROLL CALL VOTE: YES: Wrubel, Ward, Deland, Nelson, Hoffman, Jackson and Usakowski. NO: None. ABSENT: None. (7-0-0) Motion Carried.





  1. PUBLIC COMMENT (Brief Comments)






    1. MTA Annual Dues

    Usakowski presented MTA Annual Dues that the total is $9,437.54 if we continue with the online learning piece.


    Deland: Are we utilizing it?


    Wrubel: Yes we do. Several of us are on there quite often. It’s very beneficial.


    Usakowski: I would love to see more of the board members to get involved with it.


    Jackson motioned to approve the annual fees of $9,437.54 for the MTA dues supported by Nelson.


    ROLL CALL VOTE: YES: Jackson, Nelson, Usakowski, Wrubel, Hoffman, Deland and Ward. NO: None. ABSENT: None. (7-0-0) Motion Carried.


    1. ESRI Inc Renewal Quotation

    Usakowski explained the company does our GIS mapping. The cost to continue with them is $4,400.00.


    Deland motioned to continue with ESRI Inc for $4,400.00 to do our mapping supported by Jackson.


    ROLL CALL VOTE: YES: Deland, Jackson, Usakowski, Nelson, Hoffman,

    Wrubel and Ward. NO: None. ABSENT: None. (7-0-0) Motion Carried.


    1. 2024 Local Road Funding Assistance Program

    Usakowski explained why the form is not filled out. This is for informational at this time.


    Deland questioned about the time frame for Culvers and the road?


    Usakowski: They were waiting for Grace Senior Living approval.



    Usakowski: I will submit the form for Atkins off of Wadhams, Ravenswood, and 11th Street, and ask for pricing, then bring it back.


    1. Wills Street Main Repairs

    Wrubel explained that the material have been ordered and delivered for water main replacement. I have one bid from Gillett Excavating, LLC. for $37,813.00 and another bid from Philip Johnston Excavating for $28,150.00.


    Deland motioned to approve hiring Philip Johnston Excavating for $28,150.00 to do the water main replacement supported by Hoffman.


    ROLL CALL VOTE: YES: Deland, Hoffman, Usakowski, Nelson, Wrubel, Jackson and Ward. NO: None. ABSENT: None. (7-0-0) Motion Carried.


    1. Delinquent Fire Bills

    Jackson: We have six cases that are delinquent on fire bills and have been determined to be uncollectable.

    1. John Hull 18-442: $525.00
    2. Regina Brown 21-690: $200.00
    3. Alexis Clark 16-497: $85.00
    4. Jason Schofield 18-029: $100.00
    5. Richard Sweet III 20-729: $100.00
    6. Corey Woolman 18-411: $115.00


The lesser amounts did pay some on their bill and the others either moved away or passed.


Deland motioned to take the six delinquent fire bills off the books supported by Jackson.


ROLL CALL VOTE: YES: Deland, Jackson, Usakowski, Nelson, Wrubel, Hoffman and Ward. NO: None. ABSENT: None. (7-0-0) Motion Carried.









A. Supervisor Usakowski

There was no water in Macomb/Chesterfield area this past week. Communication was difficult. No notification from the township. Compared to our township procedures.


The 4-H Fair went good with great crowds.

Last Wednesday, we had some storm damage at the park and it has been cleaned up already.


We are still waiting to hear on the SPARKS Grant which we applied for $554,000.00. Over 1,000 people applied for it.


Clerk Wrubel

The elections is next Tuesday for the Port Huron Area School District.


Four Booster stations were down because of the one storm we had. The guys were moving a generator around to each station to keep up with them.


Several months ago I came to the board to move from Port City Communications to Med Connections. This past weekend Jason got over 27 calls for the sewer lines. We are going to move to Med Connections now.


Hoffman questioned about the generator sitting down at Allen Road all day.


Wrubel explained that the DPW guys were going and checking on it all day.


Usakowski: Discussion on getting another generator.


Treasurer Jackson

Auditors are done here. They seemed to be happy with what they found.


Financial Review.


  1. Trustee Hoffman

Discussion regarding parks, attendance, overtime, staff not being on location.


Policy regarding personnel issues and how to handle individual performance concerns.


Usakowski: No employee wants their performance discussed in public forum.


Hoffman: Isn’t that how you fired passed employees is at the board meeting, correct?


Usakowski: We have to look at the policy.


Wrubel: Nelson chose to do that at an open meeting. He was given the opportunity to do it at a closed meeting.


Deland: Discussion regarding DPW Supervisor reporting and nepotism.


Usakowski reminded Deland again that it is in the personnel policy and that she is not correct.


Ward: Who do I talk to about a park personnel issue?


Usakowski: To the department head.


Ward: What is the next step if that doesn’t work?


Usakowski: Then it would come to the board.


Discussion regarding procedures and accountability.


Discussion regarding current projects at parks and grants.


Ward: The Little League gets compliments all the time. Overtime is not deserved.


Hoffman motioned to fire Cal Hunt from parks and the township.

Died from lack of support.


Deland motioned for no overtime for park attendants, Nelson added to motion if they are punched in then they must be there at the park.




Deland motioned for no overtime for park attendants, as well as if they punch in then they must be at the park while punched in, supported by Nelson.


ROLL CALL VOTE: YES: Deland, Nelson, Hoffman, Ward, Wrubel, Jackson and Usakowski. NO: None. ABSENT: None. (7-0-0) Motion Carried.


  1. Trustee Deland

Discussion about renting out the pavilions and having a non-refundable fee for the residents.


Usakowski: I think that we need to see how many residents and non-residents there are renting them.


  1. Trustee Nelson

Question in regards to the docks at the park and handicap people not be able to use it.


Usakowski: The dock is a floating dock and the platform is on a hinge and what is underneath is eroding away. We are going to fix it with some stone and sand underneath to build it back up again.

Nelson: The other concern is the railing.




Wrubel mentioned that she had them put a yellow ribbon to close off the dock.

Also, I had the guys check the swing and lift it up a bit. If someone would like to use the swing, they just need to ask the park attendants.


  1. Trustee Ward

My attendance to meetings was brought up. My children were my priority. Wrubel and Usakowski knew that I wouldn’t be at the Tuesday meetings.



    Wrubel motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:25 p.m. supported by Ward.

    Motion Carried.


    Meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.


    Submitted by Becky Wrubel, Clerk

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